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Where is Journalism Going? January 25, 2012

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The Future of Journalism

The other week I watched “Page One,” a documentary show casing the downsizing The New York Times went through in 2010. The movie showed obstacles and threats every journalist is facing today and how hard it is to keep up with the demands of consistent and fresh news. More readers are getting their news from the internet and newspapers are struggling to keep their readers. At the end of “Page One” the New York Times laid off almost 100 employees. After the film we were asked to look at the future of journalism.
The future of journalism is interesting to look at but will be hard to know the definite outcome. Social media, technology and the Internet is progressing everyday. Something can be outdated within 3 years or less because of how fast everything is progressing. I don’t think newspapers will disappear altogether they will still be around but I feel like the bigger newspapers like The New York Times and USA Today will be the primary newspapers and still publish on paper but also have access to their paper on the Internet. Local newspapers like Mankato’s Free Press, will be found on the Internet and won’t release paper publications.
It’s hard to say how newspapers will make money because the Internet is free and not many readers will pay for something they can usually get for free. I can see more readers getting their news from news aggregators like the Huffington Post, it has people who don’t produce their own news content but take it from other journalists from multiple news stories. On the Internet content can seem overwhelming and readers want quick information not long articles. The future of journalism can not be seen clearly but it will always be evolving. For now we just have to watch for the biggest fails and successes in journalism and adapt.