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Obama stresses value of higher education February 27, 2012

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Wants colleges to acknowledge cost of higher education and success of graduates

Students have easier access to colleges but aren’t aware of the cost and success rates of higher education. Unemployment is growing every year and a large number of people are going to college to keep themselves out of that category. Facts about the modern-day college student:

  • Students with loans are graduating on average with more than $25,000 in debt
  • About 40% of college students in 4 year schools or 2 year programs aren’t graduating ( according to the policy and analysis of College Measures)
  • About 1/5 of community college students do not return for a second year
The federal government pours $140 billion yearly into federal grants and loans.
Students are dropping out, ending up with thousands of dollars in debt and leaving with the inability to successfully read and write. According to the George W. Bush administration in the last decade American higher education has become “increasingly risk-averse, at times self-satisfied and unduly expensive.”

President Barrack Obama wants post-secondary schools to be more vocal about the cost of an education and the success of graduates.

By: Christy Wedoe